Our paint brush for environments is our bevy of resources. We have access to most all that you can imagine and some things that you can’t. And, while this abundance of options in the world is exciting, it also can be overwhelming. We make the design process logical while still organic, collaborative and fun.

Over the course of thirty years as interior design experts, we’ve developed a simple flow to harness the best of our creative potential, achieve your goals, and make spaces that are beautiful, expressive, and functional. It all starts with you, your unique profile and needs. You are the fuel that sparks clever solutions and help us make spaces that support and enhance your life.

Step 1: MEET

We begin with an initial meeting lasting an hour or so to get to know you and your project.

How it works:

  • We listen to your needs, ideas, and suggestions. Then we’ll share our feedback that lets you know how we would approach your project.
  • We create a proposal. This document outlines design objectives, details the steps we’ll take to achieve them, and itemizes exactly what we will produce. In addition, it estimates our time.
  • If the proposal looks acceptable, we get started.
  • Smaller projects may not require a proposal. 


We conduct the necessary fieldwork to record all the details of your project.

How it works:

  • We take stock of your space by measuring, photographing, and taking inventory.
  • We follow up on our initial interview with additional questions about lifestyle—how you move, work, and function, how you relax and entertain.
  • We look at collected images of what excites you for use in your space.

Step 3: DESIGN

We have in-house brainstorming sessions and put our creativity to work for you.

How it works:

  • We brainstorm best solutions and potential ideas, considering every element including existing conditions and future desires.
  • We ponder, reflect, consider, and build our initial concepts. We find creative leaps can come at unexpected moments, like while we’re driving or taking a shower!
  • We assemble our ideas into a presentation that communicates what we see.
  • We meet to take a look at what we’ve created specifically for you.
  • We tweak, finalize, and get one last round of feedback.


Once your design is finished, we help it come to life. The process takes different directions dependent on the project.

 How it works:

  • If you have a furnishing design, we provide a budget and options for support during implementation. Or, we can provide turnkey implementation for you.
  • If you have a renovation or new construction project, we develop drawings and documentation for accurate pricing and implementation.
  • If you simply want to take the design and run with it on your own, we step aside and let you go.

We would like you to feel inspired, heard, and centered in your interior design process. Please call or email so we can fulfill your dreams of a beautiful and comfortable home or office.


“Interior Concepts is our go to for interior design help. Whenever we have a project, they are the first people we call for inspiration and advice. We love how they can walk into a room and know what it needs. They have helped us choose paint colors for our entire house, helped with room layouts and design, and chosen furniture that stays with our style and budget. Without Interior Concepts, we would never be able to make a final decision about what looks best in our home.”